Jessee Zhang (Zhang Shi)

Jessee Zhang (Zhang Shi)

« World culture–let us discover the difference in the world together ». 

La meilleure façon de comprendre les autres et de lire leur culture. Construisons donc ensemble cette culture mondiale.

My experience

Jessee Zhang (Zhang Shi), double masters in Agricutural mechanical engineering at Senyang Agricutural University and Economic law at China Universty of Political Science and Law , born in 1982, a native people of Liaoning province in China, She established world culture publishing team in 2020. She is a professor of IGI global and editor in Association for the Study of EthnoGeoPolitics and Edition Lumumba.She has been engaged in education career for many years, especially in the study of Chinese politics, language and culture.

My Vision

Make more people know Africa

My Role

culture reporter

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